Grooming Services & Pricing

Full Service Grooms Include:

Quality Shampoo

Full Brush Out

Coat Clipping

Nail Clipping

Ear Clean Cut/Hair Removal

Add on services include:

Nail grinding $6

Nail clipping and grinding without a groom: $15

Express anal glands: $4

Tooth scaling , brushing, and fresh breath spray: $5

Flea and tick shampoo: $12-$18

Medicated soak: $4-$6

Topical Flea treatment: : $10

Bundle all of our best selling Add On Services at a discount with the Works Package which includes:

Anal glad expression, tooth brushing, scaling and fresh breath spray, choice of medicated soak or luxury leave in conditioner, and nail grinding all for just $16.99.

Sample Pricing by Breed:

Australian Shepherd: $55

Beagle: $30

Bichon : $47

Boxer: $40

Brittany: $50

Bulldog: $40

Cats (long hair): $60

Cavalier: $47

Chihuahua: $20

Cocker Spaniel: $50

Collie (rough) : $60

Smooth Dachshund: $20

German Shepherd: $55

Golden Doodle: $65

Golden Retriever: $55

Great Dane: $60

Havanese: $47

Irish Setter: $60

Labrador Retriever: $45

Lhasa Apso: $47

Maltese: $45

Norfolk Terrier: $45

Pekingese: $45

Poodle (standard): $70

Poodle (miniature) : $47

Pug: $25

Schnauzer: $45

Scotty: $47

Sheltie: $50

Shihtzu: $47

Siberian Husky: $55

Soft coated Wheaton: $55

Springer: $55

Westy: $45

Yorkie: $45

Kelly’s Canine Connection offers a 15% multi pet discount on every pet groomed on the same day!

We also offer a $20.00 discount on all referrals for existing clients!

Prices are best estimates. More accurate pricing may be given once we have the opportunity to see your pet in person.

If your breed is not listed, please feel free to give us a call at 717-697-2710.